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Pompes funèbres Colles Dominicy SPRL

N° d'entreprise : 420.552.012

N° de TVA :BE420 552 012


Kalliste - Artiste Floral

Head office

255 rue de Diekirch - 6700 ARLON

Commercial Headquarters - Arlon

rue des Faubourgs 35 - 670 ARLON

Commercial Headquarters - Athus

rue de la Jonction 8 - 6791 ATHUS


Online terms and conditions

Article 1 - Preamble

These terms and conditions are concluded, on the one hand, by SPRL Pompes Funèbres Colles Dominicy, whose head office is located at 255 rue de Diekirch 6700 ARLON (Belgium), registered BCE under the number 420.552.012 hereinafter called "the seller" and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the seller's website, hereinafter referred to as "the buyer".

Article 2 - Object

The present conditions aim at defining the contractual relations between the salesman and the purchaser as well as the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the site of the salesman, that the purchaser is professional or consumer.

The acquisition of a good or a service through the present site implies an acceptance without reserve by the purchaser of these conditions of sale. These conditions of sale shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not expressly approved by the seller.

The seller reserves the right to modify his conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the buyer

Article 3 - Characteristics of goods and services offered

The products and services offered are those listed in the catalog published on the seller's website. Each product is accompanied by a description drawn up by the supplier. The photographs in the catalog are as faithful as possible but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the product offered, particularly with regard to colors.

These products and services are offered within the limits of available stocks. If, despite his efforts, all or part of the items are unavailable, the seller informs the buyer by email as soon as possible and offers him the opportunity to choose between wait or cancel without charge the order of unavailable items. Available items will be delivered normally .

Article 4 - Prices

The prices of products and services displayed on the site are indicated in euros all taxes included (VAT and other applicable taxes).

The seller reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, the prices applicable to the order are those in effect at the time of confirmation thereof. The prices quoted do not include the costs of order processing, transport and delivery provided that they take place in the geographical areas specified below.

Article 5 - Geographical areas

The online sale of the products and services presented on the seller's website is restricted to buyers resident in Belgium, France or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and for deliveries required in these geographical areas.

Article 6 - Orders

The buyer who wants to buy a product or a service must:
- complete the identification form on which he will indicate all the details requested or give his customer number if he has one;
- complete the online order form giving all the references of the selected products or services;
- validate your order after having verified it;
- make the payment in the prescribed conditions;
- confirm your order and payment.

The confirmation of the order entails the acceptance of the present conditions of sale, the recognition of having perfect knowledge of it and the renunciation to take advantage of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.

All data provided and the recorded confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction. Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of transactions. The seller will communicate by e-mail confirmation of the recorded order.

Article 7 - Right of renunciation

In accordance with the law, the consumer has the right to notify the seller that he renounces his purchase, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 working days from the day after the day of delivery of the product or conclusion of the service contract. This right of cancellation does not belong to the professional buyer.

Within this period, the consumer must notify his intention to resign by e-mail and return, at his expense and risk, the product delivered to the headquarters of Kallisté - Artiste Floral, 35 rue des Faubourgs - 6700 ARLON.

Products must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged, accompanied by all their accessories, the user manual and the invoice / original delivery note.

Products returned must not have been unpacked, unsealed, used in any way.

Goods that are incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled by the customer will not be taken back.

Within 30 days, after acceptance of the return of the goods, the seller agrees to refund the possible payment, with the exception of shipping costs.

Unless otherwise agreed, the consumer may not exercise the right of cancellation for the contracts:
1° the supply of services the performance of which began with the agreement of the consumer before the end of the cancellation period;
2° the supply of products made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be reforwarded or are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly (Flowers, plants and floral arrangements);

Article 8 - Payement terms

Le paiement s’effectue par carte bancaire, Paypal, Visa ou Mastercard.

Les articles commandés restent notre propriété exclusive jusqu’au paiement intégral de la commande par l’acheteur.

Article 9 - Delivery

Deliveries are made to the address indicated on the order form which can only be in the agreed geographical area.

The goods are transported at the risk of the seller until the delivery of the goods to the delivery address specified by the buyer. From this moment, the buyer assumes the risks alone. Delivery times are only indicative; if they exceed thirty days from the order, the contract of sale may be terminated and the buyer refunded.

Article 10 - Warranty

With regard to consumers, the seller guarantees the products he sells and the services he provides in accordance with the law of 1 September 2004 on the protection of consumers in case of sale of consumer goods (articles 1649 bis to 1649 octies of the Civil Code).

In case of non-compliance of a product sold found within 2 months of delivery of the goods, the consumer must notify the seller as soon as possible in a precise manner by registered letter or email. This warranty only covers existing defects of conformity at the time of delivery of the goods. Defects or damage due to misuse, such as water damage, oxidation, falling or shock, negligence and wear, are not covered by the warranty. Similarly, repairs performed by technicians not approved by the supplier, will result in the cancellation of the warranty.

The invoice or the delivery note acts as a guarantee and must be kept by the consumer and produced in original. If the product is used for non-private purposes, the limited warranty terms of the manufacturer / supplier are in effect.

Article 11 - Responsability

The seller, in the process of selling online, is bound only by an obligation of means; it can not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, viruses, break of the service, or other involuntary problems.

The data on the site are also given in good faith. The proposed links to the sites of the manufacturers and / or partners are given for information purposes. The seller can not be held responsible for information from these sites.

Article 12 - Intellectual property

All elements of the seller's site are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of it. Nobody is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that are software, visual or sound.

Any simple link or hypertext is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the seller.

Article 13 - Personal data

All personal data necessary for the processing of an order are kept by the seller or his collaborators and can be transmitted to the companies with which the seller - or his suppliers - collaborate, when such communication is necessary for the processing of the order. command.

The user also authorizes the seller to use this data to establish statistics in order to improve his site, the goods and the service he offers. This information may also be used to allow the dissemination, by any means of communication, of information relating to the commercial activities of the seller to his customers.

The seller finally keeps personal data to facilitate subsequent orders. The seller agrees for the rest not to disclose the information he has to another company or another company. The data kept by the seller can be requested at any time and corrected on request.

Article 14 - Substantiation

The parties accept, within the framework of their relations, the electronic means of proof (for example: email, computer backups, ...).

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